At Redirect

We offer you commitment to all traffic management projects

When big companies have so many different departments, it becomes extremely difficult to ensure all departments know exactly what is going on in the company. This is why we have taken the time to ensure we are all trained to deliver our services in the same way and are competent in each other’s role so we can ensure, from the outside, our company will always run as smoothly. If your account manager is, for whatever reason, not reachable, they have a note system to be able to show any other member of staff your agreement and notes that will help ensure you get the same service by any other member of staff.
To us, communication is key, but communication is only a small percentage of what is required to keep the wheels turning. People need to know how to work in other job roles. With delivery being the same way, whoever may be doing the delivery or the competency is of the same standard – we are all trained to be able to show you what Redirect is capable of from start to finish.
In this industry, there are far too many companies taking on jobs they cannot provide a high standard of service to, which then forces them to subcontract work out to other companies. What has been noted over the years with ourselves is that these jobs don’t ever seem to be as smooth. A difference in paperwork for the client, a different style of closure, etc… It creates untold amounts of issues on site which is where the face of our company is. It is our promise to our clients that we are honest if we cannot provide the work. With our clients that we are ‘principal contractor’ for, we’ve promised to ensure the delivery of the sub-contractor is of our standard or higher as a minimal. (We will always notify the client that we cannot supply this work and we will agree the next step with the client with no prejudice on our existing contract) – we believe this the best way to enforce our 3 principles.

We can help you with anything within the Traffic Management industry. If we cannot personally, we have access to the best people and companies throughout the industry to be able to do what-ever is required - because we have built our company on 3 elements Safety, Honesty, and Transparency. Without these 3 elements, we would not be able to survive in an extremely competitive market. We understand that fitting into the Traffic Management industry is very difficult and having worked within the industry at all levels, we can only see a small number of improvements we could make to set us aside.