About R & R Recruitment
When dealing with potential and existing clients we can guarantee a high level, professional, and one-on-one service with competitive attention to detail. All requirements are factored into our services ensuring safety and communication are paramount.

What this means for us as a business is that we don't just plan our works by using maps, but we take into account every factor possible. Not only do we want to create a safe working space for staff and the client but we aim to be remembered for the honesty, transparency, and ease of using R & R Recruitment.

Our Services

As we said, we don’t just do the average NHSS coverage. We cover the entirety of the Traffic Management industry. The following list is a handful of options available to you as our client.

  • CAD Drawing
  • Lantra Accredited Training
  • Gatemen with additional qualifications
  • Access to the best personnel in the industry
  • Help and Support in tendering for contracts
  • Guidance in getting set-up in the Traffic Management industry

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